• This course is 60-75 minutes in duration.

  • After completion of the instructor video presentation you will be asked to participate in short quiz. Immediately upon completion of quiz a certificate is issued directly to the student.

  • You will require a device that has video & audio capabilities as there is both a video and slide presentation.video

  • Your expert instructor will guide you through a video presentation, powerpoint and related learning materials.


  • Join us as we enhance your understanding and create comprehensive assessment and treatment for the tissue presentations associated to piriformis syndrome.

  • Treating the root causes isn't always an option when dealing with peripheral nerve lesions but we can still be tremendously effective by enhancing our understanding of compensatory changes, atrophy, and postural imbalances associated to nerve compression.

  • This course is designed to be comprehensive yet simple in delivery to maximize your learning outcomes.


  • A brief overview of structure and function

  • Etiology, stages and presentations of Piriformis Syndrome

  • Pharmacology and the treatments used by those suffering from osteoarthritis

  • Specific assessment findings in relation to to manual therapy

  • Specific treatment protocols and treatment planning for peripheral nerve compression

  • Contraindications and cautions for treatment

  • Safe and effective homecare and remedial exercise specific to the severity and pathological presentations

Course curriculum



    3. Introduction to Modality Masters

    4. Manual Therapists Guide to - Piriformis Syndrome

    5. Manual Therapists Guide to - Piriformis Syndrome Quiz


About this course

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  • 0.5 hours of video content


Kayleigh is a passionate educator whom focuses on enhancing practitioner knowledge of anatomy, physiology and pathology. She is an accomplished instructor with Alberta College of Massage Therapy since 2015. She additionally is director of continuing education with ACMT and actively develops instructor training and CEU programs.

Kayleigh Farrell RMT, C.H.N, NNCP



Sarah has been practicing her massage therapy skills for over 10 years. She loves all things therapeutic and anatomical. Branching out from her massage therapy practice, providing fellow practitioner with anatomy skills has become a great passion of hers. Since starting her teaching career in 2020 with ACMT, her love of teaching and course development has become a huge focus in her career growth.

Sarah Hennessey, RMT



“What an instructor! I have taken many classes in my day but Kayleigh is a cut above! Knowledgeable, helpful, articulate! Delivers curriculum in a manner that is fun and exciting and memorable!”

“Ms. Farrell has been an invaluable asset to our teaching community. Her attention to detail while teaching and /or improving curriculum has been impeccable.”

“Kayleigh has a gift, a way of breaking down complex information and delivering it in a clear and simplistic way. She is knowledgeable, clear and one of the best instructors I have ever had.”

“Kayleigh has an absolute amazing ability to deliver the information from this course in a way that really sticks. There were many times that I would read something and have a general idea but still with so much confusion. Then Kayleigh would touch on the topic and would be able to just marry the theory and the practical together for me in a way that it never left me. Kayleigh also embodies professionalism and if you're willing to show up and do the work, she will be your biggest cheerleader. I truly enjoyed having Kayleigh as an instructor.”


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    Yes, the courses condensed and specific information that can be immediately put into practice, the courses also allow you to continue to enhance your knowledge on a specific topic. For instance, you could partake in cervical spine anatomy and physiology and immediately dive into function assessment and treatment of the cervical spine or move directly to cervical spine pathology

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    No, our courses are designed to present all pertinent information. Should you wish to follow along or reference texts our frequently used textbooks are provided below. Trail Guide, Rattray, Magee, Marieb, Salvo.

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    Modality Masters does not require a diploma to complete the courses. However, the courses are designed to suit the needs to RMT students and graduates.


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    New courses, theory and practical, are released monthly!

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